Keep Doing What you Love

Last week I had the pleasure of connecting with a patient who has been wearing hearing aids for one year now and was in for his annual hearing evaluation. We spoke about all the things he loves now that he has been wearing Resound linx 3D hearing aids.  He spoke about all the things I am familiar with hearing about like enjoying conversation with family, TV at a lower volume, less strain and stress. Today he surprised me with a new one I had never heard before. My patient is an avid skydiver and literally jumps at the opportunity to go skydiving.  He told me one of the best things is that his hearing aids have been on 50 jumps. He loves that now he can hear his audible altimeter instead of relying on his wrist altimeter. I found out hearing the audible beeps is very important. An audible altimeter gives off a sequences of beeps to alert a skydiver that they have reached a predetermined altitude. I had never had anyone tell me that the hearing aid had helped in this type of situation. Not only does it help him hear and give him peace of mind when he goes skydiving. He also told me that wearing his hearing aids under his helmet is comfortable and he doesn’t even notice they are there. I love to hear about the so many ways hearing aids make a positive impact on someones life. Hearing loss should never hold you back from the things that you love and enjoy.