Can You Wear Hearing Aids & Play Sports?

I often get asked if hearing aids can be worn when exercising or playing sports. With all the excitement of watching the US Women’s National Team play soccer in the world cup I thought I would go over why you can and should be wearing your hearing aids if you have them. Being an athlete depending on the sport often requires communication to be the most effective. A hearing aid is just another piece of equipment that allows you to be effective in communicating with teammates. You wouldn’t be allowed onto the field with out a helmet, shin guards or cleats and your hearing aids is another valuable piece of equipment. They enable you to hear a coach’s direction, situational cues, or a teammates call. They can also help maintain balance and spatial awareness that can be often key in soccer and other sports.

Most all athletes would agree these are great reasons to wear hearing aids while playing a sport. The next concern is how can I protect my valuable hearing aids? If your worried about your hearing aids falling and want extra security there are headbands or clips that will keep them in place during physical activity. Although hearing aids can tolerate sweat it would still be a good idea to use a dehumidifier at night. You should also be cleaning your hearing aids every night and bring them to your hearing aid providers office for a deeper cleaning more frequently.

Your hearing loss should be the last thing on your mind when playing your favorite sport. To ensure your on your best game and to be able to enjoy hearing the crowd cheer you on! As a soccer spectator I hope the team can hear me as I cheer on everyone on the field. Check out this article which list sports and the different specific accommodations that may help you even further.