Hear the Love

The month of February is all about love for me. With Valentines day on the 14th it’s hard not to get caught up with all the love. When I think about love I think about communicating that to my family. Often this can be through food, small and large gestures, and just telling them how much I love and care for them. Day after day I come to work and help those that may have a hard time hearing from a loved one that they are loved. Often something as simple as hearing “I love you” can be taken for granted. I had the pleasure of meeting a couple that have been married for 60 years. You could see how much they cared and loved each other. Still deeply in love over all those years. I was able to help her with her hearing and fit her with her fist set of hearing aids. She had a huge smile on her face as soon as she heard her husband. They were now able to enjoy each others conversations with ease and I’m sure tell each other an “I love you.”

Make sure your loved ones know that they are cared for. If you feel they are missing out on what is being said make sure to bring them in for an evaluation. There is no greater joy then to see the smile on someones face that is now able to hear loved ones better again.