Spring Cleaning

How to care and maintain your hearing aids comes up a lot more as the weather starts to warm up. People often ask me how often should I clean my hearing aids? The answer I always give is everyday. Your hearing aids are very sophisticated electronic machines setting in a moist environment all day and need to be regularly cleaned. Every day hearing aids should be wiped off with a dry Kleenex and brushed off at the end piece that sets down in your ear. A soft brush can be used to get any wax that is on the hearing aid. An inexpensive dry in store is also a great tool to use nightly to help control moisture. Most hearing aids also come equipped with removal wax guard systems that can be replaced at home. The wax guard system helps protect your hearing aid from wax.

In addition to daily cleaning at home your hearing aids need professional cleaning and checked every 4-6 months. In the office a deep cleaning can be done as well as checking and replacing any parts needed. Daily cleanings and twice a year in office cleanings will ensure that you get the most out of your hearing aids.